After Being Ordered To Pay Activision Over $14 Million, EngineOwning Vows To Continue Making ‘Call of Duty’ Cheats

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'Call of Duty' Cheat Website Vows To Fight Judges Ruling

Source: Activision / Sledgehammer Games / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty cheat maker EngineOwning found out cheating in the first-person shooter is costly, but $14.5 million is not enough to deter the website from making cheats.

Spotted on IGN, EngineOwning is vowing to stay in the Call of Duty cheats business after District Judge Michael Fitzgerald ordered several defendants, including EngineOwning, to pay Activision $14.465,600 in statutory damages and $292,912 in attorneys’ fees for making and distributing COD cheats.

The judge also ordered that EngineOwning hand over its domain name, http://www.EngineOwning. to Activision.

In spite of the ruling, EngineOwning is striking a defiant tone and dismissing the court’s ruling. It vows not to pay Activision and will not hand over the website to the video game company. It even goes as far as to say it will release a new cheat for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Per IGN:

EngineOwning insisted the people targeted by Activision’s lawsuit “are inactive and have been for a long time”, and that the cheat maker was handed over to a new owner “years ago.” It has also created backup domains in an attempt to block Activision’s claim over the website.

“We hope and think that our domain registrar will not defer to this bogus claim, that would not have been approved by any clear headed judge with even basic democratic values in a proper jurisdiction,” EngineOwning said.

EngineOwning insisted it had paused its Modern Warfare 3 cheat only to work on getting around Activision’s latest anti-cheat tech, but threatened to release it once again later. It even threatened to release a free version of its cheat once the paid version is back up and running.

The audacity.

Activision has yet to respond, but consider us intrigued to see how this plays out.

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