Check out King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s new single ‘Le Risque’

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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have shared more details on their upcoming album, ‘FLIGHT b741’, and the video for its lead single, ‘Le Risque’.

The title is French for “the risk” – with many fans already noting it marks the first time the band’s drummer, Michael Cavanagh – “Cavs” – has a lead vocal. “Song about taking risks and we see cavs doing non backing vocals for the first time, love to see it,” wrote one fan underneath the YouTube video, with another joking: “No way we got Cavs vocals before GTA 6.”

The video, which you can view below, features the band in an aircraft hangar, in keeping with the new album’s flight theme. Director Guy Tyzack stated: “We were super lucky to have been granted access to this amazing air hanger. The song was chosen because most of the Gizz guys had a singing part and I was excited for the mic to be passed around at a fun, never stopping pace.

“The day was super packed tight for what we wanted to get and we didn’t want to cut corners. Our crew was tight and the Gizz guys know how to put on a show. We were so tight for time that I didn’t pee all day.”

Discussing the vocals, Stu Mackenzie said in a statement: “We wanted to have as many lead vocalists as we could, and to pass the mic, like, ‘This is my part, my idea, I’m gonna sing it and then I’m gonna pass the mic along to you and you can do your thing’.

“The whole record is built around that. We ended up doing a lot of backing vocals and extra recording, everyone in a room around a couple of microphones, just to give it that feel.”

Touching on the upcoming ‘Flight b741′, which is set to arrive via their own p(doom) Records on August 9, he called it their “most collaborative record” yet.

“We wanted to make something that was primal, instinctual, more ‘from the gut,’ just people in a room, doing what feels right,” he said. “We wanted to make something fun.”

The band are set to continue their mammoth 2024 tour next month. The tour, which kicked off in South America in March, will see them perform 58 concerts by the end of November.

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