Field Music announce first new album in four years, Limits of Language

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Back in 2022, the touring cycle for the Flat White Moon album ended with a sense of finality. For the first time since the Mercury-nominated Plumb, ten years and several albums earlier, Peter and David Brewis had no plan for what, if anything, would come next. However, after six years of continuation, they were clear that if Field Music was to carry on then it would have to be different, in both sound and scope.

“We came to the conclusion that we should just start making, pursuing whatever we were most excited about at that moment,” says David, “and if that music felt like it should be part of a Field Music record, then we would go with that. And if not, well, we’ll make other records."

2023 saw the arrival of David’s solo album, Soft Struggles, and Peter’s Blowdry Colossus, as well as the limited-issue brass collaboration LP Binding Time.

While Peter amassed the instrumental compositions for his solo album, he was also tinkering with a batch of songs which would form the basis of Limits of Language. “We didn’t want to use the synths just as a nostalgic thumbprint. I hope that the approach was more Eno-esque than that. Exploring the capabilities of the machines.” explains Peter.


  1. Six Weeks, Nine Wells
  2. The Guardian of Sleep
  3. The Limits of Language
  4. Sounds About Right
  5. Absolutely Negative
  6. Curfew in the Square
  7. Turn the Hours Away
  8. On the Other Side
  9. The Waitress of St Louis
  10. I Might Have Been Wrong
  11. Between the Bridges
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