Florence Clementine announces first album in nine years, One Mile Upstream

1 week ago 11

One Mile Upstream is a record informed by the rich tapestry of life experiences she has since lived through, bringing a wisdom that’s a step away from the rushing feelings of adolescent love that permeated her debut.

“Nine years pass in a blink and a lifetime, a lot has changed, and constant transformation has been at the helm, for myself and so many of us," Clementine explains. "Who are we when no one is looking? What is our purpose when we are alone? This song was written initially in 2016 on piano when I was 21, it began as a song to almost dispel and serenade the sabotage I come up against when creating or at a threshold of change. Having struggled to write new material since my first album and almost losing the passion to create, this song is a tribute to the constant dance with life, accepting when it is time to let go and begin again.

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