Fred again.. Performs In The Stands, Stops Show To Tell Fans To Get Off Stage At First Headlining US Stadium Show

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Fred again.. is headlining Bonnaroo tonight. Friday night, the British producer headlined Los Angeles’ Memorial Coliseum, his first time headlining a venue that big in the US. At one point in the set, he brought a synthesizer into the stands and sat next to Obongjayar to do their song “adore u” together.

There seems to be a whole lot of various surfaces set up at Fred’s stadium shows, which evidently can pose some safety concerns. At one point in the night, he had to pause a song to instruct fans to get off one of the stages after turning it into their own impromptu rave. That seems like a common sense thing, but Fred handled it graciously. See clips of the evening below.

@randizzlemynizzle @Fredagainagain in the stands with the crowd performing “Adore you” #fredagain #live #edm ♬ original sound – Randyy

Fred again.. and Obongjayar performing “adore u” from the middle of the stands at his LA Coliseum show! 🔥

— AllTime EDM (@AllTimeEDM) June 15, 2024

@lycan992 Theres not enough words to describe how im credible the Fred Again show was at the LA Memorial Coliseum. I have so many videos to post, but not enough time 😅#fredagainagainagain @Fredagainagain #fredagain ♬ original sound – Lycan @leonardop1399 You were wonderful Fred! But Urghh People. No words to say anymore but overall it was a great experience. Thank you. @Fredagainagain #fredagain #lacoliseum #fredagainlosangeles ♬ original sound – leonardope @neeekkk27 These girls walking down the moat are about to be on everyone’s fyp. #fredagain ♬ original sound – neeekkk ✨
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