HONESTY announce their forthcoming project, BOX

1 month ago 64

A 40 min continuous mix of instrumentals, remixes, and new material, BOX sees HONESTY venture further into an introspective, subversive, melting-pot version of club music. The mix features appearances from Florence Shaw (Dry Cleaning), vocalist Ryan Cooke as well as verses from rising UK rappers Rarelyalways and Kosi Tides.

“‘CEASE.’ is a very early idea that went through several different versions and multiple vocalists, eventually ending up as it is now: a lean, stripped-back pop song where our electronic & more traditional band based elements are fighting for dominance," they explain. "Lyrically, we are talking about feelings of abandonment and disappointment, through the eyes of someone who’s dedicated themselves to someone else, and now just wants those feelings to ‘CEASE.’.”

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