Paige Stark (Takashi Miyaki) preps debut solo EP produced by Jon Brion: watch “Good at Love” video

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Paige Stark of Takashi Miyaki has announced her debut solo EP, Good at Love, which will be out June 7. It was produced by Jon Brion and and one song features Cherry Glazerr‘s Clementine Creevy.

The EP stemmed from songs she had written and liked but didn’t quite fit it in Takashi Miyaki’s sound. “Jon [Brion] kept saying to me…I think this stuff is really good,” says Stark. “He told me it was his favorite of my work so far, and that stayed with me, But I kind of move at my own pace, I rarely feel hurried. But recently I started to feel like it was time. I had gotten enough messages from the universe to put it out.”

The first single from Good at Love is its sad, pretty title track. “I recorded it as a demo during a Tashaki session,” Stark says. “I had quickly recorded vocals, piano and a little drum machine I used to keep time. It was very raw, but I liked the vibe of it. I gave it to Jon and asked if he could help me finish it…I thought maybe he could add some keyboards. When I next heard it, I was floored. It made me cry. It was exactly how I always wanted my music to sound. And at that moment I asked if he would help me finish a few other things, and he said yes, and that’s the genesis of the EP. A couple things we started from scratch, a couple were started elsewhere and Jon brought them to their fully formed life.”

Stark co-directed the “Good at Love” video with Angela Ricciardi, and you can watch that below.

Good at Love EP Cover Artwork

Good at Love:
Good At Love
Zombie Brain Drain
UR Girl
I’ll Never Leave You (Harry Nilsson)

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