‘Trigger Warning’ ending explained: who killed Parker’s dad?

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Jessica Alba plays a special forces commando in action thriller Trigger Warning.

Directed by Mouly Surya, the Netflix film follows skilled special forces officer Parker (Alba) who takes ownership of her father’s bar following his mysterious death, only to find herself in a conflict against a violent gang in her hometown.

Other cast members include Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Jake Weary, Tone Bell, Gabriel Basso, Kaiwi Lyman and Hari Dhillon.

What happens at the end of Trigger Warning?

Trigger WarningJessica Alba as Parker in ‘Trigger Warning’ CREDIT: Netflix

After confronting senator Ezekiel Swann, Parker discovers her father Harry was shot by her ex-boyfriend Jesse when he discovered the Swann family’s weapon smuggling operation in the caves. After he was shot in the back, Parker’s father attempted to bring down the caves with a grenade, burying himself in the rubble in the process.

Out for revenge, Parker goes on the assault through the caves to hunt down Jesse, killing Elvis and others in the process. When she finds Jesse, they engage in a knife fight, before he explains how he tried to cut Parker’s father a deal inside the smuggling operation so he didn’t have to shoot him, but he refused.

Jesse, racked with guilt for betraying both Parker and her father, activates a grenade in his hands amid the tussle, before blowing himself up in front of her.

The final scene shows Parker speaking with local dealer Mike over the phone, who is now taking ownership over the bar, before she drives off into the horizon with her covert ops partner Spider.

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