Watch Bauhaus offshoot Tones on Tail play their first show in 40 years at Cruel World 2024 (full video, setlist)

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Among the reunions at the 2024 edition of Pasadena’s Cruel World Festival on Saturday was Bauhaus offshoot Tones on Tail who played their first show in 40 years (well, 39 years and seven months, close enough!). This is a bit of a technicality, as Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, along with Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe on bass (in place of original member Glenn Campling, who gave the band his blessing), toured as POPTONE in 2017 and 2018 where they played Tones on Tail songs (along with some of Ash’s Love & Rockets and Bauhaus songs).

In any case this was officially the first Tones on Tail show since 1984 and their set included most of the songs you’d want to hear, including goth club staple “Go!,” “Burning Skies,” “Lions,” “Performance,” “There is Only One,” “Twist,” their cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” which opened the show.

You can watch video of Tones on Tail’s full Cruel World set, and check out the setlist, below.

Love & Rockets played Cruel World 2023.

Ministry played Cruel World 2024 as well and did an all-’80s set.

SETLIST Tones on Tail @ Cruel World Festival 5/11/2024 (via)
Heartbreak Hotel
OK This is the Pops
Burning Skies
Movement of Fear
There’s Only One

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